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June 30, 2015
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Source? Source?!

I’m not a big fan of Imgur. Take this Cory Doctorow tweet:

Vaccines Work, sounds interesting, click through and read but it ends abruptly. Strange. But wait, there’s a “Source” link. Follow that to Tales of a Vet – perhaps this is the creator’s site? No, it still ends abruptly. But wait, there’s a “Source” link. Follow that to, ah, good old Imgur. Still not the original source, but at least this imgur post has a source (not all bother). And at last, we arrive at a nicely sized complete version of the Vaccines Work strip.


Reddit is also terrible for this. The /r/interestingasfuck/ is /annoyingasfuck because most of the time people post links to an animated gif of what is obviously an interesting video. Such as this “Hermit crabs exchanging shells” post taken, presumably, from this “Crabs” video taken from the BBC. Why not post to the Vimeo video?



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Source? Source?!


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So you found something cool on the Internet…




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March 11, 2014
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RoboPat trailer

The way movie trailers are made generally follows a formula, and the latest RoboCop and Postman Pat trailers match almost beat for beat. I couldn’t resist mashing the two: the sound from RoboCop (2014) and the pictures from Postman Pat.


With very little editing (losing the initial title screens, adding RoboPat titles) they run pretty well together.



My Fast N Furious Ralph trailer took a lot more work.


July 11, 2012
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All top voted YouTube comments should follow this format

Short of installing an extension that converts all YouTube comments to ‘herp derp’, or blocking them altogether, this response from conorMcGrace has to be the best option – an intelligent comment that get’s voted to the top, long enough to push the rest of the inane rubbish below the fold, covers all the mindless reactions possible, done.


Here, cut and paste and save the world:


If you’ve never liked X, fair enough, but please kindly fuck off and stop commenting on X videos. If you’re trying to say you do like X but they sounds shit now, then also fuck off. A and B sound better than they did XX years ago and C sounds just as good. D’s never been able to sing, we all know that. We don’t need to some jumped up miserable cunt telling us so. I’m happy because i saw the best band in the world, now leave us to appreciate it