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June 4, 2014
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Swift jokes…


And there’s more!. Thankfully there was a fresh angle to be had:




May 14, 2014
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August 9, 2013
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Cinemas and digital technology

Anil Dash has a post on how cinema is changing, the long and short of it being “deal with it” when it comes to people using mobiles in a cinema or whooping and hollering.


I get the difference between watching a Transformers movie with a loud enthusiastic crowd, and watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi with a more contemplative audience. The loud crowd can add to a film – especially a comedy: I didn’t really like A Fish Called Wanda when I saw it with my cousin years ago and we sat on the smoking side of the cinema; the non-smokers were laughing, the smokers weren’t, and I think that made a difference. If the people around you are into the film the atmosphere builds and it adds to the experience.


What doesn’t add to the experience is someone with a phone out. That person isn’t into the film – they’re elsewhere. They’re also detracting from my experience if the glare of their mobile pulls me out of the moment. If they are sharing their experience of the film with their friends, which is probably more a U.S phenomenon than a U.K one, then they should have brought their friends.


And if they’re are checking Facebook or Twitter updates then they should leave the film as they are not in the moment. They’re elsewhere. Turn the phone off and get into the movie.



I suspect he really despises the people who ruin films for him and is hoping to kick up a hornets nest of people who feel the same in order to do something about it ;)


See also: The Only Way to Solve Movie Theaters’ Talking and Texting Problem Is to Give In to It


July 16, 2013
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T-Mobile sales calls

I wouldn’t mind if T-Mobile sales had rung when I was under a crappy contract with T-Mobile, and offered me a better deal (like their sim only deal which was marked down from £31 to £15 for a limited period – which I missed). But waiting till I got fed up with the rubbish monthly deal I was on, and went sim only at £21 (down from £31) to start ringing me every day with crappy iPad and sims for friends deals (as if I would inflict T-Mobile on a friend) bugs me.


T-Mobile sales calls

T-Mobile sales calls

I answered one of the calls, said “No” a couple of times, and thought I was done. But they keep ringing almost every day. Fired off a complaining tweet, saw that people had been experiencing the same problems for ages, and so hit Ofcom’s “Abandoned and silent calls” complaints page. Can’t wait till this contract expires and I can move on from T-Mobile…


July 1, 2013
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Twitter delayed new tweets page load

Anyone get a delayed load when Twitter shows new tweets? I click “30 new Tweets” which loads new tweets, then a moment later it loads a bunch more shunting whatever I was reading down the page. Hardly the end of the world, but bugs me every time it happens… as recreated completely unnecessarily in this animated gif.


Twitter delayed page load

Twitter delayed page load


April 2, 2013
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Comedy / Tragedy

c/o movies by bowes


January 9, 2013
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Not what I wanted to see while reading The Last Policeman


highly recommend The Last Policeman, btw