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December 25, 2011
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  • Fix movie subtitles in just two steps with this subtitle fixing tool!
    “FixMySubs.com is the easiest way to fix your movie subtitle synchronization issues. All you have to do is upload your subtitle file (.srt, or .sub) and then on the next screen match three of four random subtitle text with their actual time (by watching the video).”
  • Clone Wars: is plagiarism killing creativity in the games industry? | Technology | guardian.co.uk
    Alex Chapman, a lawyer at Sheridan’s specialising in games, says: “Generally speaking there is no copyright in a game mechanic or the functionality of a game (or indeed any other type of software). Copyright will protect the visual appearance of the game to the extent that it is original – such as by protecting the graphics, screen layouts and art assets. It will also protect the underlying software code. However, it will not protect the functionality.”

    Rami Ismail of Vlambeer Games: “There’s no legal or moral ambiguity in game cloning. If it’s assets that are being cloned, it’s legally wrong and morally wrong. If it’s game design or ideas that’s being cloned, it’s legally OK and morally wrong.”

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