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October 27, 2016
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The Shining: Couldn’t agree more

Love Stephen King, loved the novel, couldn’t wait to see the film as a kid, couldn’t have been more disappointed when I did.

“It promised to be the scariest film ever made.
Except it wasn’t. The first time we saw The Shining, it was a shattering disappointment. I’d never expected – nor wanted – a film adaptation that slavishly stuck to its source, but Kubrick had left out all the best bits. Where were the hedge animals? The roque mallet? The boiler? “The novel is by no means a serious literary work,” Kubrick told French film critic Michel Ciment, “but the plot is for the most part extremely worked out, and for a film that is often all that really matters.” Yet he and his co-writer, Diane Johnson, cavalierly junked the central dynamic of a parent struggling against his own dark urges and fear of harming those closest to him, and fans of the book were not pleased.” – The Shining has lost its shine – Kubrick was slumming it in a genre he despised

The Dead Zone, on the other hand, one of my favourite of Cronenberg’s and a good King adaptation.