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August 22, 2015
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In Chump We Trust, Inc.

original photo: Mark Wallheiser




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Although apparently I shouldn’t mock US politics…


Presume he is referring to the European parliament, and the MEPs that “include Holocaust deniers, fascists, xenophobes – and a leftwing war hero


June 27, 2013
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The Dead Kennedys: “What if Crass was funny?”


For me the weakest of the three “Art of Punk” videos so far, which is a shame as The Dead Kennedys are up there in my desert island bands, and I love Winston Smith’s collage art. Perhaps knowing the Kennedys so well there was less of a revelation, or the subsequent infighting colored my view. Still, a must see if you are in any way punk. And that logo…

Mowing down the people