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June 19, 2015
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Way to throw someone under a bus, Wil

Up Front Wheaton

Game Boxes Made Better with Wil Wheaton

“We had a producer whose primary job was to make sure we knew the rules to the games, and played correctly. I trusted this producer to be on top of these things, and I trusted this producer to ensure that we played the games properly.”


Reading Wil’s apology for screwing up the rules for a few games on Table Top I was waiting for the “…and that producer was me.” It never comes. Shame. It feels like a bit of a dick move blaming someone else.


Update: See also – Fuck the Internet Shame Spiral


“So the next time somebody sucks you into an internet shame spiral, remember that it’s a form of policing. To stop the cycle, we need to get back to the bedrock of what started this fight in the first place, and decide which side is right based on the substance of their arguments — not on tone.”


Yup, guilty…


June 27, 2013
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Wil Wheaton – Table Top

Table Top - Smash-Up

Table Top – Smash-Up

Board games were the default nerd pastime before video games became knocked them for six, but are enjoying a third or fourth or even fifth golden age and resurgence.


The video reviews for them, from the likes of The Dice Tower, Undead Viking and Joel Eddy are as much a part of YouTube as video game reviews, and the biggest difference between them and their digital counterparts is the social aspect. Wil Wheaton’s Table Top perfectly captures that – five or six people playing a game after a brief introduction from Wil.


And the videos are immensely geeky, crying out to have animated gifs created from scenes, plus gag reels and extended interviews with the guests.


For a while computers seemed to kill the need for getting out and setting up a board game; on a PC you could play without that hassle, with always willing AI opponents and the CPU to do the grunt work that was once the bane of wargames* class=”small”>* with their CRT’s and DRM’s, but fast connections and the internet means videos are a easily created and even easier to surf, and if you are even vaguely interested in board gaming you can quickly discover a range of games that might interest you.


And Wil Wheaton is creating some of the best. The latest episode, with Mad Men’s Rich Sommer, Cara Santa Maria, and Jen Timms is a great place to start if you haven’t seen any.



*See alos: REINVENTING TACTICAL WARGAMES: Game Design Blog for War Stories