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October 16, 2012
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Jerry Sadowitz vs Jimmy Saville


Panorama – Jimmy Savile – What the BBC Knew

This clip from Jerry Sadowitz’s “Gobshite” album seems to suggest people were well aware of what Saville was up to back in 1987. Plus Sadowitz as Saville on Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.


Bit of a crime Saville got so much air time and Sadowitz was rarely on TV. Lucky to have caught him live back in the day (Sadowitz, that is).


[Update 2012-11-29] Jerry Sadowitz is apparently none too keen on uploads of his work on the likes of YouTube and has them removed as best he can. Thus the removal of the video above and an alternate Disclose.tv link instead. But now Sadowitz has uploaded the clip himself to promote his current show (December 2012).


March 28, 2012
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Rob Delaney

How this gets better with each viewing I don’t know. Brilliantly uncomfortable first time, better now.

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