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January 25, 2012
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January 23, 2012
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  • I attached a file to a tweet! – Pastebin.com
    “I wanted to upload a file to Twitter. I took a JPEG file [1] and instead of just uploading it to Twitpic or other picture hosting services, I encoded the file in Base64 format using this online tool…”
  • YCRFS 9: Kill Hollywood
    “Hollywood appears to have peaked. If it were an ordinary industry (film cameras, say, or typewriters), it could look forward to a couple decades of peaceful decline. But this is not an ordinary industry. The people who run it are so mean and so politically connected that they could do a lot of damage to civil liberties and the world economy on the way down. It would therefore be a good thing if competitors hastened their demise.”
  • Jonathan Coulton
    “So if you can stand me sounding a little crazy, listen: where is the proof that piracy causes economic harm to anyone? Looking at the music business, yes profits have gone down ever since Napster, but has anyone effectively demonstrated the causal link between that and piracy? There are many alternate theories (people buying songs and not whole albums, music sucking more, niches and indie acts becoming more viable, etc.). The Swiss government did a study and determined that unauthorized downloading (which 1/3 of their citizens do) does not create any loss in revenue for the entertainment “
  • It’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK | CV Mountain.com
    Vacancies Per 100 Jobs

    “According to the Office for National Statistics the ratio of vacancies to jobs in ICT reached a low point July 2009 and has been climbing steadily ever since. Contrast this with vacancies in all industries, which dipped to around 1.8 vacancies per 100 jobs and stayed there, and it looks like it’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK.”
  • 23/resumable.js – GitHub
    “Resumable.js: a library for providing multiple simultaneous, stable, and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API” c/o smashing magazine

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December 31, 2011
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Boycott GoDaddy, but what about EA, Sony and Nintendo?

Didn’t hear so much about EA, Sony and Nintendo. Where are the “How to switch consoles” or “How uninstall Madden and still play NFL” articles? Guess killing elephants and sexist ads were a bit too much, as well as just being “a terrible registrar“.

December 23, 2011
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