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February 19, 2014
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Time to try again

“But one simple answer that we have proof actually works is to love and encourage your addict in their quit attempts. It takes smokers an average of 11 attempts to quit for good. So if you think you’ve been ‘generous’ for ‘tolerating’ four failed attempts then you may turn off the faucet of goodwill. That would be a mistake statistically speaking.” – Quitting til the end.


March 24, 2013
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War on drugs

“We have gotten 50% of the adult cigarette smokers to quit smoking in the last ten years without banning one cigarette without burning or poisoning one one tobacco field just by simply making it less easy for people to smoke and also by talking against it and pointing out the errors of it … Prohibition doesn’t work.” – Peter Crist



March 25, 2012
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Aliens (1986)

Been a while since I worked my way through the Alien DVD’s, and with Prometheus coming out next year I decided to re-watch Aliens. Apart from the scenes with computer graphics which look like Atari games from the 80’s I’m surprised how good it looks.



In 2179 80s computer graphics will be back


Some years back I made the mistake of watching the directors cuts of all the Alien films with my kids. The unfinished special didn’t bother me because it was interesting to see the scenes that could have been in the films, but my kids weren’t too impressed.


Aliens: "Get away from her you BITCH"

Love the model work


It’s twenty six years since Aliens was released (ouch, saw it in the cinema when it came out, and yes, everyone cheered at the “Get away from her you BITCH” scene), so does it all look like a film that was twenty six years old would have looked to me as a kid to my kids? A comparable film might be The Day the Earth Caught Fire



If that’s films from over twenty years ago look to kids now, ouch…


[Update] Alien³ – the special effects really let this one down. The super-imposed alien in the infirmary, the outside dust storm which is just scratched film, the alien running around the corridors. But the story isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Fighting an Alien on a prison planet with nothing but, well, nothing, it’s a prison, so there are no weapons, is actually pretty good.





On a different note, Ripley smoking throughout Aliens was a surprise. Wonder if that will be eventually airbrushed out in the Studio Special Sanitised Edition?



Aliens: ...and smoking will be back