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August 19, 2012
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AC/DC albums

Nothing better to do a few summers back than listen to every AC/DC album and give each song a score out of 6. Finally threw them together with some jQuery and CSS.

My favourite album? Powerage by far (Keith Richards’ as well, apparently) as it has Riff Raff and Gone Shootin’, two of my favourite tracks.


July 14, 2012
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Two pieces on the changing habits of TV viewing and the impact on the success of TV shows (emphasis mine).

  • Dan Harmon On What Really Happened With Community – G4tv.com
    “Good TV should be like crack, in that every rock gets the job done”
    “I was doing it for the fans … we were a cross platform triumph, thanks to Sony’s distribution network … the problem is the Nielson system isn’t designed to measure that yet
  • Binge Viewing: TV’s Lost Weekends – WSJ.com
    “Bingeing breaks habits that have long supported the TV business, built on advertising and syndicated reruns. TV executives are torn by the development: gratified that people are gorging on their product, frustrated because it’s a TV party that all-important advertisers aren’t invited to. For middlemen like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Netflix, it’s a godsend, boosting their quest to attract and retain subscribers. Writers and producers are just starting to confront the challenges of creating TV for an audience that may digest an entire season in one sitting.”


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