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June 28, 2016
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No fan of Blair, but…

“There are two odd things. One is the desire to shake up the system, even if when you ask what shaking up the system means people aren’t clear; so there’s this populist tide left and right which says ‘the system is broken, and I’m gonna fix it’, and when you say how, they say ‘this country is gonna be so great’.”
There is a laugh in the room. “That is literally what the Brexit case was, by the way,” Blair adds.

Brexit: Labour MPs to hold no-confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn – as it happened

June 28, 2016
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Leaving the EU

Tax rises and spending cuts, higher immigration if the U.K wants access to the single market. Like divorcing your wife to get more control over what gets cooked for dinner.


Continental European financial centres will benefit from London’s pain. “For European banks, front office jobs are going to be repatriated to the home country – wherever that bank has it’s headquarters. Back and middle office jobs are a different matter,” said the consultant. “There, you’re looking at Dublin, Poland, or the Czech Republic.” – Thousands of London banking job cuts to start next week as contingency plans kick in


“This is the glaring contradiction in the muscular nationalism of right-wing populism, blended with isolationism, that seeks to withdraw from international unions: It cannot shape a better world by shutting the world out. The same people who cheer when Trump laments the decline of American leadership want to ignore key global issues and put “America First.” The people who voted for Brexit, attempting to create a border between Britain and challenges such as the refugee crisis, seem to think Britain can solve such problems without consulting Germany or France or, worst of all to them, Brussels.
“The world doesn’t work that way, and it hasn’t for decades. Ever-increasing globalization has created an unprecedented surge in prosperity, but it has also ushered in jarring changes. The rough edges of those changes can only be overcome with more aggressive cooperation and engagement, not less. Whether it’s the risks of terrorism, the tragic flow of refugees, or economic shocks, Britain cannot solve problems alone and neither can the United States.” – The isolationist catastrophe of ‘Brexit’



“Naturally, Michael Gove, former Times columnist, responded to the thousands of economists who warned he was taking an extraordinary risk with the sneer that will follow him to his grave: “People in this country have had enough of experts.” He’s being saying the same for years.
“If sneers won’t work, the worst journalists lie. The Times fired Johnson for lying to its readers. Michael Howard fired Johnson for lying to him. When he’s cornered, Johnson accuses others of his own vices, as unscrupulous journalists always do. Those who question him are the true liars, he blusters, whose testimony cannot be trusted because, as he falsely said of the impeccably honest chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, they are “stooges”.
“The Vote Leave campaign followed the tactics of the sleazy columnist to the letter. First, it came out with the big, bold solution: leave. Then it dismissed all who raised well-founded worries with “the country is sick of experts”. Then, like Johnson the journalist, it lied.” – There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove


“It’s a town with almost no immigrants that voted to get the immigrants out. A town that has been showered with EU cash that no longer wants to be part of the EU. A town that holds some of the clues, perhaps, in understanding quite how spectacularly the Remain message failed to land. There’s a sense of injustice that is far greater than the sum of the facts, and the political landscape has fractured and split.” – View from Wales: town showered with EU cash votes to leave EU


“[Cameron] closed the Sure Starts, libraries, leisure centres and day centres that once helped hold communities together. He accelerated right-to-buy so close-knit estates lost a third of flats, sold off to private landlords to fill with exploited migrant men. He is slicing away the lifeline of tax credits. Councils that once buffered their citizens against hard times are now skeletons of their former selves, half their income gone, a million jobs shed. Where there was already distress, the Cameron government brought woe.” – Dismal, lifeless, spineless – Jeremy Corbyn let us down again

“Now that we know the UK will be leaving the EU we will be taking urgent steps to ensure that the UK Government protects Cornwall’s position in any negotiations.


“We will be insisting that Cornwall receives investment equal to that provided by the EU programme which has averaged £60M per year over the last ten years.” – JOHN POLLARD, THE LEADER OF CORNWALL COUNCIL, Cornwall pleas for reassurance it will not be ‘worse off’ following Brexit vote


“If the EU worked well for any nation in Europe, it was the UK. Thanks to the scepticism and paranoia of Gordon Brown, Britain dodged the catastrophic error of the single currency. As a result, it has been relatively free to pursue the fiscal policies that it deems socially and politically desirable. The fact that it has consistently chosen neoliberal ones is not really the fault of the EU, the stability and growth pact notwithstanding. But in contrast to southern European members of the EU, Britain is scarcely constrained at all. Instead, it has benefited from economic stability, a clear international regulatory framework and a sense of cultural fraternity with other member states. One could even argue that, being in the EU but outside of the Eurozone, Britain has had the best deal of any member state during the 21st century.” – THE LEAST ‘ENSLAVED’ NATION IN THE EU JUST THREW OFF ITS ‘SHACKLES’


August 22, 2015
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In Chump We Trust, Inc.

original photo: Mark Wallheiser




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Although apparently I shouldn’t mock US politics…


Presume he is referring to the European parliament, and the MEPs that “include Holocaust deniers, fascists, xenophobes – and a leftwing war hero


August 21, 2015
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Late one night in the early 1970s during Heath’s reign as Prime Minister, she was taking her dog for a walk when she saw some lights. Quietly she moved closer to see what was going on. To her horror she saw that it was a Satanic ritual and in the circle was the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Anthony Barber. She says that as she watched him, Heath began to transform into a reptile and she said that what surprised her was that no-one in the circle seemed in the least surprised. “He eventually became a full-bodied Reptiloid, growing in size by some two foot.” She said he was “slightly scaly” and “spoke fairly naturally, although it sounded like ‘long distance’ – if you can imagine the short ‘time’ lapses”. – The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World by David Icke

Available as PDF too, if you wish to try before you buy.


December 13, 2011
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  • How Doctors Die « Zócalo Public Square
    “But doctors still don’t over-treat themselves. They see the consequences of this constantly. Almost anyone can find a way to die in peace at home, and pain can be managed better than ever. Hospice care, which focuses on providing terminally ill patients with comfort and dignity rather than on futile cures, provides most people with much better final days. Amazingly, studies have found that people placed in hospice care often live longer than people with the same disease who are seeking active cures.” c/o danny yee
  • Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels — Tech News and Analysis
    “[T]he stark reality that every digital-music subscription service such as Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, and others must confront … are being made public. The specifics are even more onerous than the hot dog example cited above. Together they doom online audio companies to a life of subjugation to the labels” c/o waxy
  • Now it’s three-speed Europe. And we’re left on the hard shoulder | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer
    “Even European leaders who can normally be counted as sympathetic to the British agenda weren’t interested… [David Cameron] complete lack of friends in Brussels starkly reveals that he has not nurtured vital relationships… Angela Merkel went so far as to question whether he had even negotiated in good faith… Our capacity to shape the future of the world’s wealthiest economic bloc… has just been dramatically diminished. This will have consequences not just for Britain’s influence in Europe, but its standing in the world. A Britain with reduced clout in the European Union is a Britain of less interest to the United States, China or any other important global power.”

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October 22, 2011
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Journalist Evgeny Morozov presents an alternative take on ‘cyber-utopianism’ – the seductive idea that the internet plays a largely empancipatory role in global politics. RSA Animate