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January 23, 2014
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Miss answering the phone

JR Ewing

Photo/Video credit: Youtube

I used to pick it up and answer with my best Larry Hagman Dallas style “Yello'”. That was once I had stopped answering with “British Gas Emergency Service, how may I help?” Working in a call center will condition you to pick up any phone and launch straight into the spiel, and I used to do it at home all the time.


Now, with mobile’s, there’s no need for a generic “Hello”. You can see who is calling, and it’s more like bumping into them in the street – you greet rather them rather than answer with all encompassing greeting.


Although I guess you can still answer calls from people you don’t know that way, but I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. Which probably isn’t the best approach to take as a freelancer, but hey. That’s me, I’m digital, you’ll find a non-phone call way of contacting me I’m sure.


So this morning I realized I hadn’t answered with my Dallas style Larry Hagman “Yello” in a long while, and that was a shame.


I just might plug in my land line phone just to recreate the old days before mobiles, but I doubt it. A couple of years in a call center – and an emergency one at that, however many years ago, will condition you to expect nothing but the worst, which is fine when you are being paid by the hour to answer the phone, not so fun when it’s your own time.


September 11, 2013
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Flying Saucers and cameras


“We’ve relentlessly outfitted just about everyone with a pocket-sized video camera. And as we’ve done that, the UFOs have stopped visiting us.” – Seth’s Blog


Too lazy to search for the impact that phones (is there any reason to call them mobile anymore?*) have had on, say, the need to explain why a character doesn’t just make a phone call in a thriller – “Oops, no service…” and the clever reversal of that and its dramatic repercussions in the To’hajiilee episode of Breaking Bad – but the disappearance of the non-existent (imho) flying saucer has been dramatic, and seems to have been replaced with our desire to spot the lurking menace amongst us, whether real or imagined, from bombers to the slender man.


*Recently lent my 94 year old neighbour my landline phone when her’s broke and didn’t miss it; it hasn’t been plugged in for the last few years.