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March 25, 2015
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Media interest…

original graphic source BBC News


“In the three and a half years that PEJ has been regularly tracking news coverage, most disasters have been covered as “one week wonders”—stories that generate a major burst of media attention and then quickly drop out of the headlines.” – A different kind of disaster story


The data showed that “on average, mass media covered natural disasters for shorter periods of time than other issues; that media coverage tended to focus on the current impact of disasters on humans, the built environment and the natural environment (i.e., who was hurt or killed and what was destroyed); that disaster economics was an important topic; that disaster media coverage generally focused on the state and region related to the event; and that disaster news was largely about what was happening now.” – Framing in news coverage of major U.S. natural disasters, 2000-2010


June 4, 2014
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Really? A hidden part of the internet called Tor? Really?

A hidden part of the internet called Tor?

BBC: Android Simplelocker ransomware encrypts SD card files


Meanwhile, Tor “prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits” and “prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location”. Your location is potentially hidden by Tor. Not hosted by Tor. But maybe they’re talking about another Tor..?



September 23, 2013
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News: Hero(es)

Incredible. The bravery of Satpal Singh, just one…

“We just saw people running in all directions, gunshots being fired, there were people falling on the ground, and sadly enough nobody is going down to do anything – people are just running away from the scene. So what we did was, that the security guard who were there were armed with the batons, and all that, and we took the batons and we went down -“
“When you say ‘we’, it’s you and the man you’re meeting, Satpal? The man you had a business meeting with?”
“Actually it’s just one person, we don’t like to say ‘I’, I always use the word ‘we’. Yeah, because when God is with you you become two, right?”


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