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January 20, 2013
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moon hoax not

“It demands a deep and abiding faith in things you can never know. It’s like you need to cling to your belief system with all your might against the overwhelming evidence of your own rational mind. And some people do. What’s dangerous about that is that it blinds you to the real conspiracies that authorities are perpetrating on you right now. As we speak. Things that are a lot more important than whether some guys went to the moon.”
s g collins



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August 26, 2012
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“Buzz also apparently lobbied pretty hard to be the first man on the moon and was mightily pissed when they gave the honour to Armstrong instead. Indeed, up until Apollo 11, the Commander (in this case Armstrong) generally stayed in the space craft while other people went outside. Buzz was apparently so annoyed that he refused to take any photos of Armstrong on the moon. There are only a few photos of the Apollo Commander on the surface, and one of those is as a reflection in Buzz’s Visor.” – Buzz Aldrin, Cracked



“Neil shoots pictures the same way my wife does: He cuts off people’s heads.”

“Here’s one thing I do not want to see on page one tomorrow: Arguably the most famous picture taken in the history of mankind.
“One reason I don’t want to see it: That’s not Neil. That’s Buzz Aldrin.
“The second reason I don’t want to see it: Because NASA manipulated that photo before it was released to the public, back in 1969.
“Evidently, Neil shoots pictures the same way my wife does: He cuts off people’s heads.” – Keep in mind as you put together your Neil Armstrong packages tonight, Apple.copydesk.org