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September 11, 2012
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Update: Maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

In May I wrote about a mistake with a memorial gardens being named incorrectly on most online maps (with the exception of Google).


Open Street Map made it easy to correct online, and I also submitted a correction to NAVTEQ (Yahoo/Nokia), and received confirmation yesterday that it would be pushed out in future releases, which is nice.

July 26, 2012
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May 27, 2012
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Maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

I grew up playing in Agnes Riley gardens, walked through it on Saturday mornings with my sister to go top the local corner shop and buy comics (including 2000AD when it began), and cycled round the path more times than I can count.


Frederick Riley gave the gardens to the borough in memory of his daughter, who drowned, in 1937. Only Google maps has her name spelt correctly, which bugs me.


“Frederick George Riley gifted Oakfield House and its grounds to London County Council, on the proviso that it made the site into a public open space with the name ‘Agnes Riley Memorial Gardens’. Riley gifted two acres in 1937 and work began immediately to develop these … Riley himself remained at Oakfield until his death in 1942. However, in 1952, and against his wishes, Lambeth Council decided to drop the word ‘memorial’ from the name of the small park, which was completed in 1954.” – Wikipedia, Clapham Park


Google maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

Google maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

Yahoo / Nokia maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

Yahoo Nokia maps: Agnes Riley Gardens, not "Angus"

Bing maps: Agnes Riley Gardens

Bing maps: Agnes Riley park, not "Angus"

Open Street Map: Agnes Riley Gardens

Open Streetmap maps

[Update 2012-05-29] Went ahead and added the correct name myself. Do like an open project; means someone can come along later and change the name to “Angus”.


Open Street Map - updated


[Update 2012-06-02] Google maps allows for feedback and corrections, Open Street Map allows you to register and make amends. Nokia maps – well, I think I ended up at the correct place to report a problem: a discussion page pointed to NavTeq Map Reporter. Bing had a generic feedback form.


NavTeq Map Reporter

NavTeq Map Reporter: Don't tell a gamer they're at 91% without clues on how to get 100%!


So Google had the gardens named correctly, Open Street Map let me change it, Nokia/Yahoo/NavTeq handled error reporting with a form that left me feeling like I had accomplished something and Bing, well, who knows. We’ll see.


[Update 2012-09-10] NAVTEQ have accepted the correction, and it will be pushed out in the next release:


We have completed our investigation of your Map Report.
NAVTEQ Map Report number: 0063PU6NKIZCK1QN SUBMITTED: 2, Jun 2012 07:21:15 DESCRIPTION: [Incorrect Data/Info] “Agnes Riley Gardens” is incorrectly named as “Angus Riley Gardens”
RESOLUTION: Map Submission Accepted DETAILS: We are pleased to inform you that your Map Report has resulted in an update that will be included in a future release of the NAVTEQ map database.