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July 25, 2013
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Metacritic - carousel

Metacritic – carousel

Den Of Geek - carousel

Den Of Geek – carousel


I hate carousels. Metacritic recently introduced one on their homepage, as has Den of Geek, and they’re a pain: either a distraction as you try and read something else or an irritation as you spot something you want to read that disappears before you can. I end up scrolling down so the carousel is above the fold.


If your good content is getting drowned by crappy content – as I demonstrate on this very site – perhaps you should ditch the crappy content rather than try and rescue the good content with a carousel?


Or if you really want to make sure people see an old post make it sticky. It will stay at the top and new readers will be sure to see it. Regular readers will probably visit, see that same old post and move on figuring you haven’t posted anything new, but hey – it’s better than annoying them with a carousel.


Den of Geek - Multiple links to post

Multiple links to post


Or, if you haven’t got enough content and want to look like you have by posting links to a post in three different places – as Den of Geek does – well, perhaps it might be better to just post more content?


Should I Use A Carousel? has advice on using a carousel. Don’t.


Update: Den of Geek’s carousel – or any carousel for that matter – would be better if at least it paused when you moused over it. It’s frustrating to go to click a story and it changes underneath you.


Update 2: Den of Geek’s carousel seems to have been updated to be user activated which is great. No more auto-rotation. Or I have a plugin that has disabled it. But I love the site, so I like to think they’ve got even better.