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January 22, 2017
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8 Bit graphics outside the box

“The resources are so many now, they are so vast – and they replace themselves and render themselves obsolete so quickly, that nobody has the has the time to do anything but just dabble for a moment in the current resource de jour before it’s gone and they are busy scrambling to learn just the merest proficiency of the next one.” – Mark Ferrari, Terrible Toybox


June 16, 2015
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Spyfall online game

Spyfall is a party deduction game where one person is a spy at a mystery location that the rest of the group knows. The spy tries to determine the location while the group tries to root them out by asking each other questions without giving the location away. If the spy guesses the location they win.


So Julie, knowing the location is a Casino might ask Jane “Did you bring any money with you?” If Jane isn’t the spy and knows the location she’ll try and indicate this to Julie with an answer that doesn’t give the location away, such as “Yes, but I bet I didn’t bring as much as you.” If Jane is the spy, she’ll have to try and bluff the answer, perhaps answering “No, but I’m hoping to borrow some”. And then Jane gets to ask someone else a question.


Anyways, just as I was thinking it would make a great node.js project I discover there’s an online version – worth a try next time you’re with a bunch of people with mobiles/tablets/etc.


June 10, 2015
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Board game boards

I play a few (and own more than a few) board games, and one thing that always bugs me is that the boards are generally orientated for one player.


Discworld Ankh-Morpork board

Discworld Ankh-Morpork board

I understand when a map is the play area; maps generally show north at the top and everything is written for someone holding the map. When a map is turned into a board the simple solution is to reproduce that. Lazy, but I can see why it happens.


Dark Moon board

Dark Moon board

But BGG: Dark Moon (formerly BSG Express before finding a publisher and being reworked to lose the IP) is set on a mining world in an alternate 80’s-like future, and could have easily had a board that uses the current elements but in a way that made it seem as though the players were sat around a console.


This prop photo from Battlestar Galactica shows a shared console table. A top down view for the board would have been great.


Battlestar Galactica command and control console table

Battlestar Galactica command and control console table

If a game as old as Monopoly can go round, it be nice to think newer games could too. And this fan made Munchkin board shows there’s a demand.


Vaguely related: The Ultimate Guide to Analogue Control Panels in Sci-Fi Movies


June 18, 2014
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Complimentary viewing

“Betamax vs VHS dispels the notion that simply being first to market is the most important issue”



“I hate Nickelback as a sentence voices a complex opinion on cultural trends in popular music and aligns the speaker with those hate not just Nickelback but all that Nickelback represents”



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