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July 6, 2014
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Floyd Farland – Citizen of the Future

Floyd Farland

Floyd Farland


My son reading Floyd Farland Citizen of the Future for the first time reminds me how much I loved this looping SF tale from Chris Ware. Not that I had connected it with Chris Ware of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, which I have but never got into. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth isn’t my thing in story or looks.


Floyd Farland has a distinct style that works perfectly for the story, far far removed from Chris Ware’s current style. A stark simple black and white approach, like that of the look of Frank Miller’s Sin City. But Chris Ware began with this look and moved onto a cleaner colored “designed” far far removed from Floyd Farland’s, a change highlighted by Jon Adams re-imagining of the cover in Chris Ware’s current style…


Floyd Farland cover by Jon Adams

Floyd Farland cover by Jon Adams

I’m also surprised at how much copies of Floyd Farland Citizen of the Future are going for on Ebay – £30 – £40, or £175 for a mint copy!? But if stories of Chris Ware buying up and destroying all the copies he can find are true then I guess the price would be pushed up…


Kirk reading - Floyd Farland Citizen of the Future

Kirk reading Floyd Farland

Glad I still have my copy and glad it’s being read, even if it is no longer in mint condition (when I got my copy of Watchmen signed some years ago Dave Gibbons – and Frank Miller, who jokingly offered to sign it as well to piss off Alan Moore – were surprised at the state that was in. Not battered so much as read).


Update 2014-07-20:


“We, as fans, have developed an unhealthy attachment to the physical object of comics that is almost unique to this hobby. There is no more apt phrase than “fetishizing the physical” to describe this fixation on keeping the comic as pristine as possible. Even to the degree that some comics have come polybagged.

“Comic books began as a completely disposable medium, made on cheap newsprint and traded by fans until the books fell apart. They were rolled up in the back pocket of a kid in the city or tucked into the rucksack of a soldier heading to war. The obsession with making the disposable permanent is the key to where it all went wrong. The first time a comic was slipped into a plastic bag unread, the medium changed irrevocably. The story that came alive began to lose footing to the concern for marks around the staple.”
How The Comic Bag Destroyed Comics

c/o @PageFortyFive



January 19, 2012
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Eye Candy

I’ve been thinking about the tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips link (while working on a longer piece on Cleavage in TV (to follow)), and the Supergirl collection that was tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips and that comics are generally written by males for a male audience, and a teen male audience at that, and that, like prOn, there needs to be a man in the sex scene but men don’t want the sex scenes to focus on the man (gay!), comics have male heroes but if they were all ass ‘n’ pouty lips it wouldn’t work for the teen male audience (gay!) who like the eye candy the tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips girls provide because they are not identifying with the females they are identifying with the males, and to have the male character/superhero be all the tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips would jar them out of their fantasy (gay!) , and that therefore to read a comic as a female must be annoying* because like, say, an Englishman reading a comic written for Mexicans about Mexicans with the odd clichéd Englishman the Englishman would stand out as clichéd and annoying (especially if they were the tits n ass n pouty lips (and gay (gay!)), but yet there are intelligent comics written by males with female characters, and Superhero comics written by women, so..?

And that I found Superdog annoying in Batman (Hush), and it jarred me out of my fanatasy (don’t go there, not a point I’m trying to make).



…and that I really wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this, but would a picture of Charlie Dimmock be justified to make some sort of point about how Batman may not be tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips in Hush while Poison Ivy (see above) obviously is, there is a real world example in how Allan Titmarsh (not pictured) wasn’t tits ‘n’ ass ‘n’ pouty lips on the Gardening program and yet Charlie Dimmock was? And then, when searching for an appropriate picture of Charlie Dimmock which I found, I noticed the url of the site with the picture was bapwatch.com and I gave up.

* A “Bechdel Test” for comics?

See alsoFemale Friendships: Image Not Found?

“I like to read comics about girl friendships. I’ll admit that as a blanket statement that sounds both absurd and really broad, but it’s the truth. I like to see my favourite female characters, hanging out, being friends or colleagues and pretty much having a good time.”

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Frank Miller vs Male Equivelent?

See also: Catwoman Porn?

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