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January 12, 2013
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And again…

Sadly relevant again “Pub discussion: Suicide


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“I did not know Aaron Swartz, unless you count having copies of a person’s entire digital life on your forensics server as knowing him … I was the expert witness on Aaron’s side of US vs Swartz, engaged by his attorneys last year to help prepare a defense for his April trial … I cannot speak as to all of the problems that contributed to Aaron’s death, but I do strongly believe that he did not deserve the treatment he received while he was alive. It is incumbent on all of us to figure out how to create some positive change out of this unnecessary tragedy.”
– Alex Stamos, The Truth about Aaron Swartz’s “Crime”


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December 3, 2011
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Pub discussion: Suicide

The death of Gary Speed came up in the pub. Some expected a revelation as an explanation, others hoped there wasn’t a big reveal as without one people might take depression more seriously. Another commented that suicide was “selfish”.
I think suicide is far from selfish. Selfish is taking others with you. A suicide alone is someone driven to an end from which they saw no alternative. An answer they may have been considering for a long time and never felt able to discuss.
We hear friends and family say that if only they had talked to someone then they might have been saved. But it’s that  lack of self that has them at that point, and the stigma we attach to suicide and depression makes it hard for people to talk. It’s for us to recognize depression as an illness, diagnose sooner, and dispel the stigma. We shouldn’t call a suicide selfish and potentially stop anyone from opening up.
No one left behind should bear the burden of feeling they weren’t there for someone, but equally we should understand that that person wasn’t turning their back on them. That person was unable to see that those backs weren’t turned.
And if you feel suicidal, know that there are people to talk to. Talk to them.

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