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August 11, 2013
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Yahoo purple bar

I get that Yahoo needs to push their services, so we get a purple navigation bar on all flickr pages.


flickr with Yahoo's purple bar

flickr with Yahoo’s purple bar

Google do it, but their services are free and it’s the “price” you pay for using free services. I pay for flickr, and have no real interest in Yahoo’s other offerings – not that I’m judging: if they are good I’ll find them without that purple bar. The duplication of navigation on flickr is annoying and a bit of a UI fail.


Wish Yahoo have used the current flickr navigation bar and added a less intrusive “More” dropdown item.


So I reluctantly installed the “Stylish” extension and use Tristan Savatier’s CSS style to remove the purple bar.



February 12, 2013
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August 19, 2012
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AC/DC albums

Nothing better to do a few summers back than listen to every AC/DC album and give each song a score out of 6. Finally threw them together with some jQuery and CSS.

My favourite album? Powerage by far (Keith Richards’ as well, apparently) as it has Riff Raff and Gone Shootin’, two of my favourite tracks.


July 26, 2012
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January 24, 2012
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Books In Browsers 2011: Pablo Defendini, “Adaptive Web Design”

Invalid Google API key. Please follow these instructions to fix: http://support.tubepress.com/customer/portal/articles/2026361-initial-setup

c/o boingboing: Responsive design works for websites, why not for digital comic books?

Responsive comic Sly Mongoose

Sly Mongoose

Sly Mongoose

November 2, 2011
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