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June 18, 2014
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Complimentary viewing

“Betamax vs VHS dispels the notion that simply being first to market is the most important issue”



“I hate Nickelback as a sentence voices a complex opinion on cultural trends in popular music and aligns the speaker with those hate not just Nickelback but all that Nickelback represents”



This Is Phil Fish c/o waxy


September 21, 2012
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Competition, patents, courts, and us

How are we, as customers, benefiting here?

Microsoft now has the option of pursuing a sales ban or recall for which it must lay down a multi-million euro bond.
However, any such move would be symbolic in nature since it has already forced Motorola (which Google bought to bolster its patent portfolio) products off German store shelves after winning earlier cases involving file system and text messaging patents.
The legal action has not been one-sided. In May Google won the right to prevent Germany’s stores from selling Microsoft’s Xbox 360 games consoles, the Windows 7 operating system, the Internet Explorer browser and Windows Media Player.
BBC Microsoft defeats Google over a third patent in Germany

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Making the process even easier, Stack Exchange, the popular Q&A site for coders, has teamed up with the Patent Office and Google to crowdsource analysis of patents before they are issued.
Open Season on Patents Starts Thursday, Thanks to Crowdsourced Platform


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