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January 22, 2016
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Can’t watch


Sounds interesting. Ahh, BBC still using Flash…


BBC Flash content

BBC Flash content


Encounter the same problem on an Android phone – install another app to watch BBC content? I think not – but to their credit the BBC are on the case:

“Users of the BBC’s Android mobile applications are familiar with the need to install the separate BBC Media Player application to play multimedia content. This application uses Adobe’s proprietary technology to play back media encoded in RTMP and HDS media formats. The BBC has been moving towards an open-source streaming format called DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP), and I have been working in a team to develop a native Android component called Standard Media Player for Android (SMP-AN), which uses Google’s open-source ExoPlayer to play back DASH content. This component will be integrated into the wide range of BBC applications available via the Google Play store. It’s a more efficient technology for the BBC to use, thanks to its use of open standards, and removes the need for users to install a separate application – something which has long been a source of complaints.” – Making a Standard Media Player for Android