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May 7, 2014
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The Skip is nothing new

Wrote an over long reply to this article on The Skip to a email list:


Some thoughts:


There is no data from before streaming, so how much skipping was happening then? Presumes that people used to listen to albums all the way through, which they didn’t. Side two of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell has two of my least favourite songs – “Love Hungry Man” and “Night Prowler” (I didn’t know Mutt Lange slowed “Night Prowler” track down by 5.25%; might try speeding it back up and see if it improves) and I would skip them.


Van Halen’s “Fools” has a great opening riff, but at six minutes long it over stays it’s welcome. One I would abort on vinyl after the initial hit.


Van Halen Fools

Digital or vinyl, I’m starting to think about skipping any moment now…


When I had friends over we would skip through a record collection, playing bits of this, bits of that. Can’t count the amount of times we reset the needle to hear Steve Vai do his guitar bits on “Eat Em And Smile”. The idea that everyone listened to an album all the way through isn’t strictly true. And how many cassette tapes were chewed up from people fast forwarding/rewinding?


…and mix tapes. I prefer the album opening to Zappa’s “Sharleena”, but the “You Can’t Do That on Stage [Sampler]” version has the incredible Dweezil and Frank solo so I cut the two togther and listened to the tape. In a digital world I was effectively skipping the album version of the song after a few minutes everytime, and skipping the beginning of the “Sampler” version.


Zappa Them Or Us Zappa You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore sampler


…and mix tapes. Songs from various albums and artists, just the same as a playlist on Spotify (etc) today. More work, sure, but just because it was more work to do before digital doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening.


My Zappa mixtapes

Zappa mixtapes, 1987 & 1989


So the Skip is easier and more convenient now, and data is readily available on our how we skip, but I would argue against it being anything new, or the new downfall of the album.




Um… a lot of Metal examples. I did listen to other music, honest!


August 19, 2012
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AC/DC albums

Nothing better to do a few summers back than listen to every AC/DC album and give each song a score out of 6. Finally threw them together with some jQuery and CSS.

My favourite album? Powerage by far (Keith Richards’ as well, apparently) as it has Riff Raff and Gone Shootin’, two of my favourite tracks.


March 19, 2012
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AC/DC – Music In Review

Minor grumble for AC/DC obsessives who happen to have seen AC/DC – Music In Review: how can Malcom Dome (of Total Rock Radio) who admits to never having seen AC/DC live with Brian Johnson – because he’s seems to think they should should have called it a day when Bon Scott died – have an opinion on anything other than the section on Bon Scott? Don’t open the Brian Johnson section with him. Nothing he can possibly have to say now matters.


And, thirty years on, it’s funny how good a fit Brian Johnson was. Really, for a band who had to replace their singer they did pretty well. Any subsequent decline I blame on fame and fortune. Those early albums were the story of a band on the road. As that changes, what do you write about?


[Update 26-03-2012] It’s easy to forget that “at the end of every computer is a real person“, and while the visits for this site aren’t massive* (they only hit double digits (in binary) if I visit and hit F5), I wouldn’t want to give myself the impression that what Malcom Dome had to say up to that point wasn’t interesting and enlightening.


Ah, the famous Ac and Dc brothers

Ah, the famous Ac and Dc brothers

*but do reach a highly targeted demographic if you’re thinking of advertising…