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December 24, 2011

Destroyer of Worlds – comic script

Read this first! Done? Sweet, you rock, thank you.

Destroyer of Worlds, Comic Script 2007-10-19 © copyright 2007-2011 wetwebwork


Panel 1: Full page. Caption: Chapter One. Our Earth floating in space. It looks small a vulnerable.


Panel 1 – 3: Zoom in on Earth.


Panel 1 – 3. Early morning. Zoom in on farm house in wide open country side, ploughed fields and farm road leading to house. Show tree near house. Tree should look large, but not in best of health. Don’t focus on it, it’s just part of foreground/background.


Panel 1: Inside baby’s bedroom, Mother looking into crib, baby in crib with rattle.

Panel 2: Mother takes rattle from baby.

Panel 3: Baby’s face turns from happy to angry.

Panel 4: We’re outside bedroom, lighting normal.

Panel 5: We’re outside bedroom, there’s a flash of lightning/explosion, something bad has happened in the bedroom.

Panel 6: We’re outside the bedroom, lighting normal, smoke wisp from bedroom.


Panel 1: Mother lies dead on floor by crib, something bad has happened.

Panel 2: Close up of Baby in crib, very sad, tear runs from eye.

Panel 3: Father in doorway, distraught.


Panel 1: Large panel. Time has passed. Autumn? View of country school, quite large, we see name of school: EWEN JUNIOR SCHOOL. Eric (the baby older now, small child), being led by father into school. Probably not first day at school, but close enough.

Panel 2: Playtime. Eric in playground, apart from others, watching others play.

Panel 3: Boys playing football.

Panel 4: Boy invites Eric to play.

Panel 5: Boys playing football with Eric. We see Bully in background approaching a couple of girls who are playing with something electronic.

Panel 6: Boys playing football, Bully has taken game from girls.


Panel 1: Bully has broken game, girls crying, boys till playing football.

Panel 2: Bully approaching football game.

Panel 3: Bully kicks football out of playground. We are in the air, close up on the football, looking down on the playground, boys looking up at ball, upset, Bully angry smile.

Panel 4: Bully with friends now walking through where football had been, pushes Eric out of the way. We see the two girls in the background.

Panel 5: Eric lying on floor looking up, surprised expression.

Panel 6: Eric on floor, angry.


Panel 1: Large Panel. Like the football kicked from the playground, the Bully is flying through the air from the playground. We see Eric, sill lying on ground, hand outstretched, in a power move he has used to throw the Bully from the playground.


Panel 1: We see one of the girls – Sara – looking at Eric surprised expression, her friend holds the broken game.

Panel 2: We see Eric, obviously registering her. Close up on him.

Panel 3: We see the Bully land in a grassy meadow muddy patch with a splash with a splash. It’s a painful landing.

Panel 4: Back to Eric, who has turned from looking at girl to looking to where the Bully has landed. We’re close up on him.

Panel 5: Still close-up on Eric, an adult’s hand is reaching down towards his collar…

Panel 6: Adult’s hand grabs his collar and jerks him into air.

PAGE 10:

Panel 1: Large panel. We see Bully lying in muddy patch, hurt, crying, maybe a teacher running to him followed by some running kids. We see Eric helpless being dragged into school by other teacher, we see playground kids, some looking to where teacher is running, some looking at the teacher dragging Eric away.

Panel 2: We are outside Headmistresses office. Her name on door – like it would be painted on the door of a Police Detective or Editor of Newspaper. We’ll use this image again later in story. Her name is Miss Cleggett.

Panel 3: We are inside Headmistresses, she is angry on phone (to Eric’s Father), Eric is sat in chair before her, looking calm but a bit scared. There is a plant on the window sill.

PAGE 11:

Panel 1: We are looking in though window at Eric, with not so healthy plant in foreground, and he is looking at the plant.

Panel 2: We zoom in on the plant.

Panel 3: We zoom in close close close at the plant. It has five blackfly (small small flies), and they are eating a leaf that is turning diseased as a result. We can see Eric in background, watching the flies.

Panel 4: We see Eric from a different angle, glancing furtively at Miss Claggett. She is deep in conversation on phone. Out of Window we can see ambulance arriving (but not too obviously).

Panel 5: Back to plant leaf, close up. Five black fly.

Panel 6: One of the black flies is destroyed in a small puff of smoke. We see Eric doing this, but he is more curious than angry or evil.

PAGE 12:

Panel 1: Back at Eric’s farm house home, Eric and father pulling up in car, just back from the school.

Panel 2: Father sending Eric to his room.

Panel 3: Eric in room. He is looking out of his window at the tree (see PAGE THREE, it’s that tree) which is slightly older than before, still not so healthy. Remember it’s autumn, so golden/red leaves. Perhaps a swing hangs from the tree by now (wouldn’t have been one before as Eric had only just been born).

PAGE 13:

Panel 1. Large Panel. Caption: Chapter 2. View of farm house from elevated view. Show large healthy tree (see PAGE THREE, PAGE 12 panel 3). Show “For Sale” sign with SOLD sign over it. Show removal truck, packed up, ready to go, show Eric and Father getting into car, about to drive away.

PAGE 14:

Panel 1: Busy street in city, terrace house, there are parked cars outside, but there’s a large Government black one with two men inside that we might notice, looking up at one of the terraced houses. A girl is walking towards the house, she is high school age, she is Sara (see PAGE NINE panel 1).

Panel 2: Eric answering door to Sara, healthy cat as his feet, Father is suit in background going to work.

Panel 3: Eric and Sara walking off to college, we notice black Government car with men inside now. Maybe one is photographing them, or making note in laptop.

PAGE 15:

Panel 1: Eric sat in class taking notes on lesson, Sara not in same room.

Panel 2: Outside college/high school, Man getting out of battered car.

Panel 3: Outside school, Man getting rifle from boot of car.

Panel 4: Outside school, Man with rifle aiming randomly at someone in street, they are dropping whatever they are holding. Others stopping in their tracks, shocked.

Panel 5: Outside school, Man marching towards school with rifle, people running.

PAGE 16:

Panel 1: Sara in Chemistry lab, goggles on, doing experiment.

Panel 2: Man with rifle marching down school hall. He is not going anywhere in particular.

Panel 3: Man aiming rifle at us from down hall, eyes manic/wild.

Panel 4: Rifle fires at us.

Panel 5: Split panel, Sara looking up in shock / Eric looking up in shock.

Panel 6: Man with Rifle in hall, we see Chemistry lab door up ahead.

PAGE 17:

Panel 1: Eric in class leaping to his feet, rest of class confused.

Panel 2: Man with rifle kicks open Chemistry lab door.

Panel 3: Eric running fast down college hall, his feet almost slipping from under him as he takes corner, panic on his face. Other kids are running in the opposite direction dropping books, etc.

Panel 4: Man framed in doorway of lab, cocking rifle.

Panel 5: Sara at lab bench, staring at the Man with rifle, she looks angry.

Panel 6: Man looks down rifle, eyes manic, pointing at Sara. We see Eric arrive behind him.

PAGE 18:

Panel 1: Half page panel. We are looking over Sara at Man with rifle and Eric behind him.

Panel 2: Half page panel. Man dropping rifle as his body expands rapidly, he is obviously in pain.

PAGE 19:

Panel 1: Full page panel. Man with rifle explodes. Eric in power move behind him.

PAGE 20:

Panel 1: We are inside a police station, outside a closed door, with “Detective Felix Buckman”. Echo Headmistresses office from school scene (See PAGE TEN panel 2). Police Detectives probably don’t have their own rooms, but what the hell.

Panel 2: Inside room, Detective is on phone, Eric sat before him.

Panel 3: Outside Police station, the black Government car pulls up.

Panel 4: Close up of two men getting out of car, looking serious and official.

PAGE 21:

Panel 1: Follow Government men into Police station, one is checking a gun on his belt, the other has medical pouch is he unzipping

Panel 2: Follow them down Police station hall, perhaps echo college hall (see PAGE 16 panel 2). One of the men has injection type gun in his hand.

Panel 3: We’re in Detectives office, he is still on phone but looking up in surprise as the two men enter smiling. Man who checked gun has his hands spread in “it’s all okay” look to Eric. The other is slightly hidden behind him.

Panel 4: Gun man is in front of Eric smiling, the other is behind Eric with the injection gun at his neck. Eric sat looking confused.

Panel 5: Look of surprise on Eric’s face as injection gun is fired into his neck.

Panel 6: Detective has leapt to his feet phone still in hand, Gun man is waving him back, other man is holding Eric up by his collar (see PAGE NINE panel 6). Eric is unconscious, arms slack by his side, and would fall to floor if it weren’t for the man holding his collar.

PAGE 22:

Panel 1: Full page panel. Caption: Chapter 3. Military base, hot sandy country. We’re slightly above and behind a huge Chinook coming in to land at base. We see soldiers, hummers, tanks, APCs below. Nearby is huge Middle Eastern city. There are a few plumes of smoke rising from burning spots in the city. Things are not good here.

PAGE 23:

Panel 1: Half page panel. Helicopter has landed, Eric in military uniform is leaving the helicopter. He looks blank. He is slightly older than before by two or three years. His uniform is new. He is unarmed. Two Special Forces types are leaving the helicopter with him, sunglasses on, heavily armed, looking around. Behind them is a suited CIA type.

Panel 2: Eric looks blankly up at the sky.

Panel 3: A military car pulls up for the four of them. They all are looking at the car, apart from Eric who is looking towards the burning city.

PAGE 24:

Panel 1: We’re still in country, in the country side away from the base. In the background is a house, and soldiers are taking cover in the foreground and firing on the house. There is a soldier on a radio.

Panel 2: The military vehicle arrives with Eric and his minders. CIA man sat in front passenger seat.

Panel 3: The soldier who was on the radio runs to the car to talk to CIA man. Still fire fight in background.

Panel 4: The CIA type in the car is pointing at the house the soldiers are firing at, and looking to Eric. Obviously instructing him to do something. Eric is staring at him blankly.

Panel 5: Still inside the car. Eric is still staring blankly the CIA man.

Panel 6: Front view of military vehicle, the CIA man has his arms crossed and is furious as the car drives away. In the background we see the soldiers preparing to fire an M-47 DRAGON anti-tank missile at the house.

PAGE 25:

Panel 1: In car, CIA man has turned is shouting at Eric. Through the back of the car we see the missile being aimed at the house.

Panel 2: Close-up of Eric’s blank expressionless face.

Panel 3: We’re in front of the soldiers aiming the misile launcher at us (see PAGE 16 panel 3). They are calm.

Panel 4: Missile fires at us.

PAGE 26:

Panel 1: large panel Close-up of house exploding. This is a different part of town than before, we’re in the city now, not the country side.

Panel 2: large panel. Pull back on busy war torn street. Soldiers on roofs firing at house that exploded. In background we see the same military car as before.

PAGE 27:

Panel 1: Looking at the military car with driver, CIA, minders and Eric, everyone inside is looking slightly more sweaty and ruffled than before. Eric is looking calm. CIA man is on phone, angry. Minders are looking towards apartment house that is being attacked.

Panel 2: Inside car, CIA man looking back at Eric, still talking on phone, still looking angry.

Panel 3: We’re on a rooftop looking down on the street below with our car and the soldiers, as a guerrilla unwraps a snipers rifle out of sight behind a wall.

Panel 4: Guerrilla with snipers rifle crouches an aims at car.

Panel 5: We’re looking down through rifle sight at the driver in the car.

Panel 6: Eric looks up from car at sniper on roof.

PAGE 28:

Panel 1: There is an explosion of blood and bone from the rooftop from where the sniper is/was.

Panel 2: No one in the car has noticed. The CIA man has finished his phone call, and is instructing the driver to go.

Panel 3: The car is leaving the street.

Panel 4: large panel. Chinook taking off from military base, climbing towards us, swirling sandy dust below. The city still burns.

PAGE 29:

Panel 1: Airport arrivals, Eric’s father (looking slightly older), standing at busy barrier, waiting for Eric, looks very worried.

Panel 2: We see Eric arriving, his face is happy, he is still in uniform, carrying his army bag over his shoulder, a wrapped present in one hand. HE is looking for his father in the crowd.

Panel 3: Close-up on Eric’s face, still happy, has just caught sight of his father.

Paenl 4: Close-up on Eric’s face, his happiness has gone, his looks worried.

Panel 5: Eric and father running from airport, the present has been dropped and lies on the floor behind them.

PAGE 30:

Panel 1: large panel Eric and father running down hospital corridor (Yup! See PAGE 17, panel 3), doctors and nurses and patients around them.

Panel 2: We’re looking over their shoulder as they arrive in doorway of Sara’s room. She is in a hospital bed, looking sick, perhaps her mother sat by the bed, looking grave.

Panel 3: Close-up of very ill Sara. She is rigged up to the usual hospital equipment. Perhaps have a bracelet or hospital band that says “Sara” on it.

Panel 4: We are looking up at Eric as he stands by her bed, smiling calmly.

Panel 5: Eric is sitting by her bed, as Eric’s Father gently leads Sara’s Mother from the room.

Panel 6: Eric is holding Sara’s hand, his head is bowed, the door behind them is closed.

PAGE 31:

Panels 1-4: We are seeing blood cells, and bad cells, as microscopic level. Through this series of panels we can see that the bad cells are being destroyed.

PAGE 32:

Panel 1: large full page panel. Looking down on the farm house from the beginning. We are seeing a happy family scene. Perhaps there is a BBQ, Eric’s father cooking, Sara with a small child, another three of four (friends) chasing a ball, other friends and family enjoying themselves.

Panel 2: Eric looking up at the tree.

Panel 3: Eric looking up at us, smiling. (See PAGE 5 panel 2, maybe)


All characters appearing in this work are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Really.

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