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October 31, 2011


Videos I’ve made for one silly reason or another.

Saw Wreck-It Ralph at the weekend (brilliant), and I couldn’t resist doing a Fast N Furious 6 mashup trailer for it:

My Day, Yesterday

The idea was to film an average day, then cut it down to ninety seconds and publish on the flickr group. I was working at Agency Republic the time and it’s fun to look back on some of the things we used to do, such as “Red Shop runs” (going to the local shop, normally as a result of leaving your PC unlocked and then discovering you had emailed the entire company “offering” to go for them all).

Mashup of a government road warning video, with more “fail” added. Just playing with Avidemux one afternoon. Love that the guys that made the original commented on my hacky effort, seem to be top people with a sense of humour. Credit to them. And seriously, don’t text and drive. Whatever the message, it can wait.

In response to a request from @spoonoftweets on an email list. This clip from Frozen Planet was crying our for a Leeeroy! moment. Credit to original Frozen Planet and Leeroy.

French band Marvin performing on a boat on the Thames. Love this band. Buy their album. Also on Spotify.

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