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August 11, 2013
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Yahoo purple bar

I get that Yahoo needs to push their services, so we get a purple navigation bar on all flickr pages.


flickr with Yahoo's purple bar

flickr with Yahoo’s purple bar

Google do it, but their services are free and it’s the “price” you pay for using free services. I pay for flickr, and have no real interest in Yahoo’s other offerings – not that I’m judging: if they are good I’ll find them without that purple bar. The duplication of navigation on flickr is annoying and a bit of a UI fail.


Wish Yahoo have used the current flickr navigation bar and added a less intrusive “More” dropdown item.


So I reluctantly installed the “Stylish” extension and use Tristan Savatier’s CSS style to remove the purple bar.



July 1, 2013
Comments Off on Twitter delayed new tweets page load

Twitter delayed new tweets page load

Anyone get a delayed load when Twitter shows new tweets? I click “30 new Tweets” which loads new tweets, then a moment later it loads a bunch more shunting whatever I was reading down the page. Hardly the end of the world, but bugs me every time it happens… as recreated completely unnecessarily in this animated gif.


Twitter delayed page load

Twitter delayed page load


June 19, 2013
Comments Off on Crass: The Art of Punk

Crass: The Art of Punk

Crass weren’t an always easy listen, especially back in the early 80’s when if you wanted to hear a band that didn’t get radio play you had to buy an album – no Spotify or iTunes or Youtube then.


Crass albums weren’t just vinyl in a slipcase and sleeve, they came in envelopes and wrapped in disturbing posters (I had one of Maggie shitting sausages), which actually made them a more of a commitment. You weren’t buying an easy listen to stick on when you got home that your Mum might ask you to turn down. You were buying a freaking art project you Mum would demand you turn off.


The music itself might be music, or a spoken word description of someone having a wank. Or the sound of a train with Eve Libertine screaming “Screaming babies… In all our decadence people die” over the top*. Which might explain the lack of airplay. But fuck me if it isn’t still far more relevant today than most of the punk dross of the time (a lot of which I like and still like).


And that logo… I laboriously painted it onto a shirt, not really clued up on the more socialist/anarchist slant of the band, being far more of a faux punk at the time.



* Shaved Women: my favourite Crass song. Actually, one of my favourite songs of all time.