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March 16, 2016
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  • The Website Obesity Crisis
    Or consider this 400-word-long Medium article on bloat, which includes the sentence: “Teams that don’t understand who they’re building for, and why, are prone to make bloated products.” The Medium team has somehow made this nugget of thought require 1.2 megabytes.
  • fileship.io
    File transfer on payment c/o onethingwell
  • Just Landed is Shutting Down — Medium
    With well over 2 million apps by now (officially 1.5M as of July 2015), the iTunes App Store is an incredibly crowded place where it’s almost impossible to get noticed. Despite the persistent myth of the app developer millionaire, it’s extremely hard to make a profit — let alone a living — as an iOS app developer. The Google Play Store is a similar story, except with the added bonus of rampant piracy and a zillion devices to support. There really isn’t gold in them hills, at least not anymore, and independent app development will soon be in sharp decline, if it isn’t already.

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February 25, 2016
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delicious February 25, 2016

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    8 Rules of Fat Loss. Warning: Fast Results! Click Here to Watch Video…
  • Rabbitcon #1: The Intervention | Gamers With Jobs
    “I don’t really want to do anything,” was my reply. There’s perhaps no more telling question about an adult’s mental state than “What do you want to do for your Birthday?” I was turning 38. And if I’m honest, I was probably clinically depressed.
  • ‘We’re not leaving this bar until we’ve come up with such a great idea that I can’t sack you” — Storythings Ltd — Medium
    He says, ‘You can’t say that,’ and I say, ‘I’m the assistant publisher. You’re just a guy on the board. I can say anything.’ We have this particularly odd row in front of the publisher, where I’m saying, ‘That is the right headline, because we have to express the problems that you’re going to encounter through this.’ Anyway, he wins the arguments. He wins it because he completely floored me by the thing he says next, which is, ‘You think those magazines are about information, but they’re not. They’re simply vehicles to hang advertising from.’
  • The Modest Fantasy of the PICO-8
    When I asked White why PICO-8 seems to have struck a nerve with developers, he says, “Perhaps one reason is that it’s easy to see at a glance what the boundaries of PICO-8 are, and to imagine what you might make with it. I’m going to make an 8×8 bunny and a program to walk around a little forest. Modern programming environments and even game making tools tend to be very flexible at the cost of offering an intimidating abundance of possibilities.” A laser focus on platform identity is what differentiates White’s fantasy console from Kennedy’s. White salvaged his favorite bits from the past, set specific parameters that felt sensible and fun, and built an infrastructure around his platform that would engender experimentation, sharing and play.
  • Jennifer Pahlka helps improve how government works – SFGate
    Pahlka is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Code for America, which brings in mid-career tech workers willing to work for a year in cities looking for outside help. The help comes at a price, but it’s not money. Instead, the cities have to open themselves to new ways of operating. They have to be willing to replace the ever-so-detailed rules and requirements of traditional government with the agility, innovation and feedback of the tech world.
  • Hexels 2 | Marmoset
    Hexels is an exciting grid-based painting tool that enables you to effortlessly create brilliant works of art.
  • 1975 P.I. car | Chase Cars
    You’re a struggling Private Investigator, you live in a trailer near Malibu beach and you need a car.  A Pontiac Firebird looks great, but not the TransAm version; too expensive, stands out too much and your name isn’t Burt Reynolds. Instead you choose a Firebird Esprit, in a modern (1970s) colour, and add some Pontiac Rally II wheels to add a touch of class.  Now you’re ready to take on anyone, for $200 a day plus expenses.
  • How I Translated It: 'The mask of the angry one' by Brecht – CAMPUS
    I like the idea that this version might exist alongside Hays’s ‘mask of evil’, not supplanting it, but augmenting it, illustrating the play of that range of meanings in Brecht’s original (which I presume Brecht enjoyed) and gesturing eloquently at the untranslatability of poetry. Or perhaps I should say: the only contingent translatability of poetry, the necessarily incomplete act of translation. There are another thousand poems to go – I can’t spend this long on each one!
  • Imposter syndrome: Game developers who feel like frauds | Polygon
    All five developers interviewed for this story stress that impostor syndrome is a part of life — a common phenomenon that affects people across all creative industries, albeit perhaps more so on the indie side of games than at large AAA studios with hyperspecialized staff. Left to fester, it becomes a trap for your mind and work. DeLeon notes that failing to get out of your own way negatively impacts those around you, thereby letting down the very people who want you to succeed. Wiemeyer stresses that it’s important to understand that “everyone else” is faking it.

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January 10, 2016
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  • TV
    2015 was the year we decided if we’re going to watch a shitload of TV it might as well be good.
  • Re: Ian Murdock – CodeFriar.com
    *the* Ian from deb*ian* was more, is more, than the unknown actions at the end of his life. He was also the kind of man who’d not only call and verify my identity, but reaffirm an insecure high school nerd’s ability to meaningfully contribute to the world at large.
  • Lektor Static Content Management System
    Because Lektor builds out 100% static HTML you can deploy them to any host (including S3, github pages, any web host, etc.).
  • So you want to build an App.. – Caseysoftware
    I’m contacted a few times a month by people who want to build (usually mobile) apps. Or more properly, want someone to build apps for them. While I don’t begrudge or criticize their hopes or goals, we need to look at things critically and honestly. Also, I’m tired of telling people the same thing over and over again.

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December 25, 2015
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  • In 2015, The Dark Forces Of The Internet Became A Counterculture
    In 2015 it became clear, obvious even, that various reactionary forces have coalesced into a larger, coherent counterculture — let’s call it the Chanterculture — that exists not just in opposition to racial diversity in politics and culture, but in order to advance its own agenda, which across a variety of fronts seeks to preserve and promote the cultural and political preeminence of white guys. This new movement, and it is a movement, combines age-old racist and sexist rhetoric with bleeding-edge meme culture and technology. It unites two equally irrepressible camps behind an ironclad belief in the duty to say hideous things: the threatened white men of the internet and the “I have no soul” lulzsters.

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December 24, 2015
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  • luigiplr/netify-jump · GitHub
    Netify Jump is a software-based system that effectively transforms your computer into a WiFi router and/or repeater. Netify Jump can broadcast WiFi right from your PC, so that any other WiFi-enabled device can get online. In addition using the built in “File Jump” service devices can beam files to and from other connected devices.

    c/o onethingwell

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December 22, 2015
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  • NES Graphics – Part 1
    Released in 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home console was a cheap, yet capable machine that went on to achieve tremendous success. Using a custom designed Picture Processing Unit (PPU) for graphics, the system could produce visuals that were quite impressive at the time, and still hold up fairly well if viewed in the proper context. Of utmost importance was memory efficiency, creating graphics using as few bytes as possible. At the same time, however, the NES provided developers with powerful, easy to use features that helped set it apart from older home consoles. Understanding how NES graphics are made creates an appreciation for the technical prowess of the system, and provides contrast against how easy modern day game makers have it with today’s machines.

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December 18, 2015
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  • The McDonald's Quotient
    What’s your “Mc­Don­ald’s quo­tient”? How many peo­ple do you per­son­ally know, and count as friends or col­leagues, that have worked in re­tail for an hourly wage? What’s your or­ga­ni­za­tion’s “Mc­Don­ald’s quo­tient?” In Sil­i­con Val­ley and the larger startup and VC in­vest­ing world, I often find that it’s sur­pris­ingly low, or even non-ex­is­tent. This is a prob­lem, es­pe­cially if you’re build­ing or in­vest­ing in a com­pany that’s sell­ing a con­sumer-fac­ing prod­uct or ex­pe­ri­ence.

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December 16, 2015
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  • Relegated to Legend: The Stories We Lose in a New 'Star Wars' Timeline
    What’s important about the Star Wars Expanded Universe is that it had the freedom to really create good stories, rather than profitable ones. I mean, sure, there’s the odd story about Boba Fett blasting space zombies … but there are also stories that contain great tragedy, political insight, social deconstruction, and questions about the very nature of good, evil, and everything that may lay in between. I want to give you a taste of the storyline that is effectively being erased, and what the movies could have covered if they wanted to build on the incredible stories that were previously canon.

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December 15, 2015
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  • Tracking the "Trump Is A Comment Section Running for President" Joke – Waxy.org
    As Donald Trump came online, and as his prominence in the public eye grew, many more people started thinking about his behavior.
    Of course, there are plagiarists in the world who brazenly copy jokes on Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere, sometimes resulting in huge audiences.
    But most people simply drew the connection between garbage Internet comment sections and the way Trump acts, and tweeted their epiphany.
  • AllThingsSmitty/css-protips · GitHub
    These protips work in current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and in IE11.
  • collision detection: Why 18th century books looked like smartphone screens
    These small formats from days of yore also help explain the stupendous productivity of many historic authors. I’ll often be reading about a nonfiction essayist from the 17th or 18th or 19th century and the bio will mention he or she wrote 56 books or some other ungodly number, and I’ll freak out: Man alive! How can anyone generate so much?
    But then you realize that a “book” back then wasn’t what we think of as a “book” now. Back then, there were a plurality of book-sized formats that were, like octavo or the slightly-smaller duodecimo, pretty compact, so these “books” were only a couple of thousand words long.

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December 12, 2015
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  • Black & Blue | The Players' Tribune
    I guarantee you there’s hundreds of kids across North America who will get dressed for hockey this weekend with their stomach turning, thinking the same thing I did as a kid:

    “I better play really good there, or tonight is going to be really bad.”

    It just takes one person to act on their instinct and stand up for that child. That’s real courage. The kind we don’t always glorify in the hockey world.

  • It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.
    It doesn’t take specialized expertise in constitutional law to understand that current U.S. gun law gets its parameters from Supreme Court interpretations of the Second Amendment. But it’s right there in the First Amendment that we don’t have to simply nod along with what follows. That the Second Amendment has been liberally interpreted doesn’t prevent any of us from saying it’s been misinterpreted, or that it should be repealed. 

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