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June 5, 2011


Cookie’s Glue Kid’s from when we were at glue London

In short:

I’m a London based freelance web developer who plays in a band and writes (comics, novels, shorts stories).

At length:

I’ve been working for digital agencies since the late 90’s,  at deepend London, glue London (now glue isobar), and Agency Republic. Twelve years with three great agencies. Primarily I’m a LAMP developer, from the back end to the front using  jQuery, CSS, and HTML, but I have maintained .Net sites for Hovis, wrangled Perl, and helped build a Facebook app for Smirnoff using Ruby on Rails with Chris “patience of a saint” Rosser.


Poverty Over for Christian Aid (Weir+Wong)

Poverty Over for Christian Aid (Weir+Wong)

Most recently I built the Christian Aid  “Poverty Over” for Weir+Wong, helped out on the Aviva site “Your are the big picture” for B Reel, and have been working on a project for the BBC / YouView.

Currently I’m freelancing, if you would like to contact me for work, please feel free to do so.

In my spare time I play guitar in a rock covers band called the “Bikini Bums“, and before that in the “Scuzzbuckets“. And going even further back in a punk band called various names, including “Pubic Dandruff“, “Diahhroea” and “Course You Can Brothers“. Occasionally I play bass in a funky band.

Pubic Dandruff at Hammersmith college

I love writing. I took part in NaNoWriMo in 2007 (completing a 80,000 word novel), have been on a comic script writing course hosted by Bryan Talbot and Hannah Berry, and have had the odd piece published here and there. I also write the odd short story when I have a moment, and edit Wikipedia, the oldest page I created for the author Stephen Hunter remains pretty close to my first draft.

I also do a lot of other silly stuff for fun. And have nearly all my photos on flickr under a CC licence so that they’ve cropped up all over the web from Wikipedia to Science Journals.


I haven’t had as many jobs as Steve Lambert, but (in no particular order)…

  • Gardener
  • Saatchi & Saatchi’s – summer job
  • Guitarist in punk band
  • Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths – summer job
  • McDonald’s – green badge for 3 weeks
  • Westminster Council – Traffic Enumerator
  • Sissors, Kings Road – handed out leaflets / washed hair
  • Bus Driver London Transport – 137 Routemaster
  • Door-to-door Organic Vegetables salesman
  • Camden Council – Special Needs School Bus Driver
  • British Gas Emergency Service – Call center: Supervisor, Controller
  • Guy Salmon Chauffeur Service – Controller
  • Deepend London – web developer
  • Glue London – web developer
  • Agency Republic – web developer
  • G Force –
    • Stage Crew: Loaded In The Park; Pet Shop Boys, Heaven; Rumer, Cafe de Paris; Rihanna, Shepperton Studios
    • Video installations: Old Bailey & Southwark Crown Court
    • Marquee rigging & de-rigging
  • Guitarist in a couple of covers band (plus occasionally bass)


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