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March 16, 2016
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  • The Website Obesity Crisis
    Or consider this 400-word-long Medium article on bloat, which includes the sentence: “Teams that don’t understand who they’re building for, and why, are prone to make bloated products.” The Medium team has somehow made this nugget of thought require 1.2 megabytes.
  • fileship.io
    File transfer on payment c/o onethingwell
  • Just Landed is Shutting Down — Medium
    With well over 2 million apps by now (officially 1.5M as of July 2015), the iTunes App Store is an incredibly crowded place where it’s almost impossible to get noticed. Despite the persistent myth of the app developer millionaire, it’s extremely hard to make a profit — let alone a living — as an iOS app developer. The Google Play Store is a similar story, except with the added bonus of rampant piracy and a zillion devices to support. There really isn’t gold in them hills, at least not anymore, and independent app development will soon be in sharp decline, if it isn’t already.

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