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June 16, 2015
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Spyfall online game

Spyfall is a party deduction game where one person is a spy at a mystery location that the rest of the group knows. The spy tries to determine the location while the group tries to root them out by asking each other questions without giving the location away. If the spy guesses the location they win.


So Julie, knowing the location is a Casino might ask Jane “Did you bring any money with you?” If Jane isn’t the spy and knows the location she’ll try and indicate this to Julie with an answer that doesn’t give the location away, such as “Yes, but I bet I didn’t bring as much as you.” If Jane is the spy, she’ll have to try and bluff the answer, perhaps answering “No, but I’m hoping to borrow some”. And then Jane gets to ask someone else a question.


Anyways, just as I was thinking it would make a great node.js project I discover there’s an online version – worth a try next time you’re with a bunch of people with mobiles/tablets/etc.


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