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October 9, 2012
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Amazing noses: Amanda Fucking Palmer

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer

Easily overlooked between the plucked eye brows and curled lip of l’enfant terrible Amanda Fucking Palmer.


Amanda Palmer shows the transition from oh-so-fucking-hip to oh-so-fucking-successful isn’t easy. You can be loved for what you struggle to do, gain fans, be accused of “fame-whoring” (and not shaving your armpits), launch a Kickstarter project, and then have the interwebs cry foul as you still do what you always did, because “Hey, you gotta pay your way now; ad hoc playing-for-free struggling musicians on your show aren’t acceptable any more”.


How bitter the backlash. Every tweet added fuel to the fire, and one with a ‘Klan’ reference which was apparently especially abhorrent, showing how truly horrific she was.


I despise the KKK and what is stands for and has done, but to vilify Amanda Palmer for bringing them up in a tweet on web where the casual use of despicable historical figures and tasteless jokes are rampant seems a touch too much.


After all, this is someone who isn’t afraid to respond “epically” to “Tits or STFU” Scientology funding accusation.


Amanda Palmer changed her position on not paying her ad hoc tour musicians, but her critics continue to moan and probably won’t be happy until she divorces Neil Gaimen and is a struggling indie artist once again. Tall poppies: success breeds contempt.



“Each time you dive into the crowd, some portion of the audience before you consists of observers with no interest in catching you. And you are still asking them to, because another thing the web has done is erode the ability to put something into the world that is directed only at interested parties. Its content isn’t like a newsletter mailed discreetly to private homes; it’s like a magazine on a newsstand, asking to be purchased. Telling the world all about your life can look generous to fans and like a barrage of narcissism to everyone else.” – The Amanda Palmer Problem: How Does a Cult Musician Become a Figure to Be Mocked?


Update 2013-07-21:

A typical Amanda Palmer response to the hypocritical Daily Mail’sMaking a boob of herself!” piece on her Glastonbury appearance:



Update 2013-07-30:

See also: Amanda Palmer: ‘The Daily Mail seems to be nationally despised’


June 24, 2012
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Amazing noses: Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey, Dirty Dancing

Is there a more debated nose job than Jennifer Grey’s? Was it a no win situation? The fame from Dirty Dancing reset by plastic surgery* that unlike a desperate breast enlargement (see Dana Plato) was presumably something she wanted for the best of reasons. But I was surprised to read she was in House’s season 7 episode Unplanned Parenthood. Didn’t recognize her. But if she’s still acting, and happier, that’s not really her problem, is it?


*See also: Patricia Arquette getting her teeth fixed


June 8, 2012
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Amazing noses: Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti

“Are you guys kinda judging my attractiveness level? It’s a weird level, it’s a really weird level. It’s frustrating, it kinda falls through my fingers at times. Y’know, like, just when I start to feel pretty and feel good about myself someone always brings me right back down to earth.”
Comedy Central

Chelsea Peretti: great comedian, writer on the superb Parks and Recreation, and way up there on the attractiveness level.


June 6, 2012
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Amazing noses: Ellen Sandweiss

I saw Evil Dead at the height of the video nasty era in the U.K, and as with the best horror films it works better as a comedy – even the then director of the BBFC James Ferman is supposed to have found it more funny than horrific.


But with some truly violent films avoiding certification by releasing straight to video the U.K had a nanny state witch hunt and Evil Dead was variously banned and cut, and it wasn’t until years later that in comparison to crappy torture porn such as Hostel those cuts seemed extreme and we could see the full version.


Ellen Sandweiss, The Evil Dead


I remember being more confused than scared – Evil Dead was shot over several years, and actors haircuts change wildy from scene to scene. But they play along with the over the top comedy horror, which reached it’s peak in 1992’s Army of Darkness.


Of particular note is Ellen Sandweiss, playing Ash’s sister Cheryl in The Evil Dead. Cheryl is the first to be attacked in the woods – by the woods, a scene that was cut down in the UK until a 2000 release.


Evil Dead: cellar


Cheryl is confined to the basement and harangues the rest of the group from beneath the trap door. It’s a classic scene and Ellen Sandweiss’ make-up some of the best in the film. Credit to Tom Sullivan for giving the film such a unique look on such a prolonged shoot and presumably tight budget.


Evil Dead/Evil Dead II is 23rd on the Guardian’s top 25 Horror films