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August 7, 2011
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I think it was Jeff Atwood who wrote about sharing something he had written with someone at work and having them recoil in horror*. So when people ask to read something I’ve written, I’m generally reluctant. I don’t think I’ve lived that an¬†outrageous a¬†life, so when writing I write what I know about and push it. Spin it beyond the acceptable. It’s fiction. It’s a chance to explore ideas and topics and things I wouldn’t want to explore in real life. So while a short story may have a character that sounds like me, it’s not me. As every book and TV show and film states: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. But people read it and see you. They think the character represents ideas you hold.



I also used to casually throw up short pieces on the interweb without a care back in the day. One was a review of a stay in a cell in Lavender Hill Police Station. Some years later I had an email from a policeman who worked at the Police Station at the time that piece was set. It’s a wide world, but a small one too.


Anyways, this long pre-amble is a way of hopefully pre-empting any fallout from posting a few pieces I’ve written on this site**. Take them as you find them, but take them as fiction.


Update: Finally got round to rescuing a small selection, find them under “Writing“.


*I did search for it, couldn’t find it, you may continue the search because Jeff’s site is generally brilliant so even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you find something worth looking for. And that’s why I stopped searching, I wanted to write this, not get distracted.


**Yes, now I need to get around to posting them. Did I mention I have two sons, play in a band, am currently working on a game covering the “Arab Spring”, work as a developer for advertising agencies, and – shit – have a gig next Saturday and should really have picked up a guitar recently? That’s another way of saying “don’t hold your breath”. I’ll get to it, just so much to do…


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