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May 15, 2016
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Nobody remembers the game. They remember the rain—the Purple Rain.

“Unlike other artists who played the Super Bowl, Prince had devised an original soundtrack for one specific show with a complete understanding of what the moment called for. He created a piece that, if executed properly, would leverage his many talents and meld genres and beats laid out in a musical arc that would overwhelm fans both in the stadium and at home. How he came up with the covers of Credence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, and the Foo Fighters to this day is still a mystery.” – thedailybeast.com

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April 24, 2016
Comments Off on only attempt to “hide” it was that the computer had been thrown in the trash

only attempt to “hide” it was that the computer had been thrown in the trash

Right after the Paris attacks, politicians started blaming encryption, even though evidence suggested they communicated by unencrypted SMS. Even months later, the press was ridiculously using the total lack of evidence of any encryption… as evidence of encryption. Then with the Brussels attacks from a few weeks ago politicians like Rep. Adam Schiff immediately tried to blame encryption insisting that “we can be sure that terrorists will continue to use what they perceive to be the most secure means to plot their attacks.”


Of course, now it’s being reported that a laptop seized from one of the suicide bombers in Brussels shows little attempt to actually hide plans of attacks. In fact, it showed that attack plans were kept in an unencrypted folder titled “Target.” And the only attempt to “hide” it was that the computer had been thrown in the trash. – techdirt.com

March 24, 2016
Comments Off on Seriously, too soon

Seriously, too soon

Trying to watch the Larry Sanders show on BBC television in the 90’s was a pain; maybe it’d be on at 11 pm, maybe it’d be mid-night, maybe they wouldn’t show it at all for a couple of weeks, maybe they would skip an episode.


But Garry Shandling was great as the bitter vain narcissistic, shallow, paranoid Larry Sanders in a send up of the late night TV we might not have had in the U.K, but could still appreciate. Larry Sanders and Duckman, two great shows that paved the way for so much of what we take for granted now. And Garry Shandling was only 66, damnit. Too soon.


March 16, 2016
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  • The Website Obesity Crisis
    Or consider this 400-word-long Medium article on bloat, which includes the sentence: “Teams that don’t understand who they’re building for, and why, are prone to make bloated products.” The Medium team has somehow made this nugget of thought require 1.2 megabytes.
  • fileship.io
    File transfer on payment c/o onethingwell
  • Just Landed is Shutting Down — Medium
    With well over 2 million apps by now (officially 1.5M as of July 2015), the iTunes App Store is an incredibly crowded place where it’s almost impossible to get noticed. Despite the persistent myth of the app developer millionaire, it’s extremely hard to make a profit — let alone a living — as an iOS app developer. The Google Play Store is a similar story, except with the added bonus of rampant piracy and a zillion devices to support. There really isn’t gold in them hills, at least not anymore, and independent app development will soon be in sharp decline, if it isn’t already.

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March 2, 2016
Comments Off on Eye in the Sky, prescient?

Eye in the Sky, prescient?

Eye in the Sky review

“A tense, morally complex, and extremely prescient thriller” – Kate Muir, The Times


Prescient on if you haven’t seen the excellent Good Kill from 2014, or Drones from 2013, or played Unmanned, a game about being a drone operator, from 2012.


Still, Eye in the Sky looks interesting despite the spolierific trailer…


February 25, 2016
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delicious February 25, 2016

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  • Rabbitcon #1: The Intervention | Gamers With Jobs
    “I don’t really want to do anything,” was my reply. There’s perhaps no more telling question about an adult’s mental state than “What do you want to do for your Birthday?” I was turning 38. And if I’m honest, I was probably clinically depressed.
  • ‘We’re not leaving this bar until we’ve come up with such a great idea that I can’t sack you” — Storythings Ltd — Medium
    He says, ‘You can’t say that,’ and I say, ‘I’m the assistant publisher. You’re just a guy on the board. I can say anything.’ We have this particularly odd row in front of the publisher, where I’m saying, ‘That is the right headline, because we have to express the problems that you’re going to encounter through this.’ Anyway, he wins the arguments. He wins it because he completely floored me by the thing he says next, which is, ‘You think those magazines are about information, but they’re not. They’re simply vehicles to hang advertising from.’
  • The Modest Fantasy of the PICO-8
    When I asked White why PICO-8 seems to have struck a nerve with developers, he says, “Perhaps one reason is that it’s easy to see at a glance what the boundaries of PICO-8 are, and to imagine what you might make with it. I’m going to make an 8×8 bunny and a program to walk around a little forest. Modern programming environments and even game making tools tend to be very flexible at the cost of offering an intimidating abundance of possibilities.” A laser focus on platform identity is what differentiates White’s fantasy console from Kennedy’s. White salvaged his favorite bits from the past, set specific parameters that felt sensible and fun, and built an infrastructure around his platform that would engender experimentation, sharing and play.
  • Jennifer Pahlka helps improve how government works – SFGate
    Pahlka is founder and executive director of the nonprofit Code for America, which brings in mid-career tech workers willing to work for a year in cities looking for outside help. The help comes at a price, but it’s not money. Instead, the cities have to open themselves to new ways of operating. They have to be willing to replace the ever-so-detailed rules and requirements of traditional government with the agility, innovation and feedback of the tech world.
  • Hexels 2 | Marmoset
    Hexels is an exciting grid-based painting tool that enables you to effortlessly create brilliant works of art.
  • 1975 P.I. car | Chase Cars
    You’re a struggling Private Investigator, you live in a trailer near Malibu beach and you need a car.  A Pontiac Firebird looks great, but not the TransAm version; too expensive, stands out too much and your name isn’t Burt Reynolds. Instead you choose a Firebird Esprit, in a modern (1970s) colour, and add some Pontiac Rally II wheels to add a touch of class.  Now you’re ready to take on anyone, for $200 a day plus expenses.
  • How I Translated It: 'The mask of the angry one' by Brecht – CAMPUS
    I like the idea that this version might exist alongside Hays’s ‘mask of evil’, not supplanting it, but augmenting it, illustrating the play of that range of meanings in Brecht’s original (which I presume Brecht enjoyed) and gesturing eloquently at the untranslatability of poetry. Or perhaps I should say: the only contingent translatability of poetry, the necessarily incomplete act of translation. There are another thousand poems to go – I can’t spend this long on each one!
  • Imposter syndrome: Game developers who feel like frauds | Polygon
    All five developers interviewed for this story stress that impostor syndrome is a part of life — a common phenomenon that affects people across all creative industries, albeit perhaps more so on the indie side of games than at large AAA studios with hyperspecialized staff. Left to fester, it becomes a trap for your mind and work. DeLeon notes that failing to get out of your own way negatively impacts those around you, thereby letting down the very people who want you to succeed. Wiemeyer stresses that it’s important to understand that “everyone else” is faking it.

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